Jill Machi, Certified Holistic Health Coach

No one wants to hear the words "you have invasive lobular carcinoma" much less learn that the best treatment option is a bilateral mastectomy followed by chemotherapy, radiation and reconstructive surgery--all before 9:00 am on a Tuesday morning!!! That was the start of my journey.  While I remained optimisitic and obnoxiously positive during my treatments, I had to face a new "normal" including scars, 10-15 pounds to lose, constant swelling of my right arm and a major dent in the self-confidence department.   I started training for a triathlon with Team Phoenix to build my self confidence back up and get into an exercise routine.  I changed my diet--taking out sugars and carbs as much as I could to lose weight.  And I studied nutrition and health with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition because I want to help others move from survive to thrive.  

Whether you're a survivor or trying to take preventative measures, lifestyle changes require strength, confidence and someone at your side to encourage you every step of the way. That's me and I'm excited to help you!