I really just want you to feel good, to thrive.  Whether that means changing up your diet, starting or enhancing your exercise program, joining some social groups or dedicating some “me” time every day, together we’ll map out the path that works for you.

One of my biggest take-aways from studying at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition is that there is no one right way of doing anything!!!  Pescetarians, vegans, vegetarians, carnivores, raw foodies all lead healthy lifestyles.  All have scientifically proven health benefits.  We have to find what works best for you—what intuitively feels right, and honestly, that may mean a combination of dietary approaches.

My other big take away was the inter-relatedness of exercise, relationships, career, and core beliefs on our overall health.  While food plays a HUGE role in our health story, it isn’t the only character.  We need to find out what other factors are impacting your health.   And how to enhance or change them.


We’ll start with a health history—more of a meet and greet. I want to know what you eat, what you do, what makes you happy, what stresses you, what are your goals, what are your stumbling blocks.  Basically an hour just getting to know YOU!  From there I can make some suggestions that might fall into one of these categories:

6 month program

We’ll connect 2x a month face-to-face for 6 consecutive months.  We can meet at a grocery store, in your kitchen, in my kitchen or go for a walk or bike ride.  Based on your health story we’ll set goals and measure progress towards those goals.  I’m available to you via email and I’ll send you pertinent information (recipes, exercise programs, educational materials) relevant to your goals. $90/month (total $540)

3 month program

Same program as the 6-month, only for fewer months. $90/month (total $270)

When you need me program

Need to talk through a stumbling block? Hit a weight-loss plateau? Need to be re-energized? Let’s take an hour or so to get you back on track! $55 per hour

Contact me at jillmachihc@gmail.com and we'll set up your complimentary health history and begin mapping out your journey to THRIVE!!